October 08: año 10, No 8
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FIAP rejects the proposal to eliminate the Argentine individual accounts system
With regard to the Bill of Law to eliminate the individual accounts system that the Argentine government has sent to parliament, the International Federation...
Bulgarian delegation contacted FIAP to acquire further information on the Chilean pension system
Source: FIAP Date: October 2008 The Bulgarian delegation, headed by the Bulgarian minister of Labor and Social Policies, Emilia Maslarova, contacted FIAP...
FIAP Book "Individually funded Systems: their contribution to the solution of the pension problem"
This publication brings together the presentations presented in the seminar of the same name that was held in Varna, Bulgaria, on May 31 and June 1, 2007,...
International News
New Zealand
Dominican Republic
Pension Highlights: Multi-Pillar Systems
The aim of this new document, drawn up by the Department of Economic Research of the BBVA, (see attached document), is to...
Pension Trends: Multifunds - Peru
This document, drawn up by the Economic Research Department of the BBVA, tries to explain, in the Peruvian case, the behavior...
Pension Reform in Chile
On July 1 started the reform in Chile, that mainly give pensions to those who had no access and improving the existing pensions....
Research Series N° 67 of the Chilean Association of AFP´s
Pension Funds and the Crisis The latest Research Series (N° 67), edited by the Chilean Association of AFPs in October sets...
Upcoming Events
Year 2008
29th Brazilian Pension Fund Congress
This event, organized by ABRAPP and the ICSS – SINDAPP, will be held between November 3 and 5 in the Windsor Barra Hotel...
European Pension Funds Congress
As part of the Eleventh European Finance Week, (November 17 to 21), the European Pension Funds Congress, organized by the...
Euromoney Training America´s
The company specializing in financial training, Euromoney Training America’s, delivered its portfolio of courses for what...
Year 2009
FIAP - ASOFONDOS International Seminar - April
 The International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators, FIAP, and the Colombian Association of Severance Pay and Pension...
FIAP Seminar 2009, Warsaw, Poland - May
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the International Seminar “Investments and Payouts in Funded Pension Systems,”...