October 2006 :: Year 8, Number 9
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According to a report by experts commissioned by the Chilean Government: "The AFP system is not in crisis and functions as foreseen"
. The AFPs meet their legal obligations and member's funds are secure, says the report. . The Pension Reform Council, headed by the ex - director...
Kyrgyz pension reform on the horizon
The Asian republic of Kyrgyz will be drawing up a comprehensive reform of its pension system and increasing its pensions by 10% in 2007, says in an article...
Chile and Peru sign Social Security Agreement
Chilean workers in Peru and Peruvian workers employed in Chile now have access to health insurance and pensions, thanks to a Social Security agreement...
The Chilean Superintendent of AFPs is elected Deputy Chairwoman of the IOPS
The Superintendent of AFPs, Solange Bernstein, was appointed Deputy Chairwoman of the International Organization of Pension Fund Supervisors (IOPS) after...
FIAP Chairman participates in 17th Meeting of Chairmen of Ibero American Business Agencies.
On November 01, the Chairman of the Federation, Guillermo Arthur Errazuriz, participated in this international meeting in Punta del Este, Uruguay, as...
Costa Rican delegation visits FIAP
From left to right: Mrs. Gladys Otárola, FIAP's executive secretary; Mr. Mainor Benavides Barrantes, Portfolio Manager, Interfin Banex Pensiones and Mr....
Anniversary Seminar “10 Years of Republica AFP”
Last November 8, 2006, Republica AFP organized a seminar in celebration of its tenth anniversary and the start of the Social Security Reform in Uruguay....
CHILE: AFP Research Series N°59
Limits on Investment Abroad Damage Yield and Distort Local Market  While the GDP has increased by 20% in the past four years,...
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance: review of book "Pension Fund Investments", edited by FIAP
The Council of Previsional Investigation of the University of Pennsylvania, informs us that in its publication of the Journal...
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