September 2015: year 17, N° 2
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Renowned speakers will address the 2015 FIAP International Seminar - September 24 to 25, 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay
The International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) and the Pension Savings Fund Managers (AFAPs) of Uruguay (Integración, Sura, República...
Tables of Comparative Collection of Regulations are available, updated to Dec. 2014.
The Comparative Collection of Regulations provide schematic information of the most relevant features of the regulation  (such as contribution rates,...
Presentations of the Seminar "Financing Pensions: Fully-Funded systems versus Pay-As-You-Go"
The presentations of Daniel Artana and Salvador Valdés, performed in the Seminar "Financing of Pensions: Individual Funding vs. the PAYGO System", are...
Framework Agreement of the Pacific Alliance comes into effect
Source: http: y www.fideseguros.comDate: July 2015The Framework Agreement of the Pacific Alliance, subscribed on June 6, 2012 by the...
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Draft Core Principles of Private Pension Regulation - OECD - July 2015
The OECD published the draft document “Core Principles of Private Pension Regulation” for public consultation (until October...
Pension patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa - World Bank - July 2015
This report provides an initial assessment of the characteristics, the environment, and the performance of public and private...
The Relationship Between Automatic Enrollment and DC Plan Contributions: Evidence from a National Survey of Older Workers - Center for Retirement Research at Boston College - July 2015
Automatic enrollment has been widely embraced for raising employee participation in 401(k) plans. However, the empirical...
Do Retired Americans Annuitize Too Little? Trends in the Share of Annuitized Income - Center for Retirement Research at Boston College - June 2015
This paper examines the importance of annuity-like income as a share of total money income received by aged families. The...
OECD Business and Finance Outlook - OECD - June 2015
The Secretary General of the OECD, Angel Gurría, launched the first version of the report "Business and Finance Outlook"...
Pension Policy Notes and Reviews - OECD - June 2015
The pension systems among the OECD countries are very diverse and in general terms are intended to provide people with an...
Multifunds Bulletin - Chilean Association of AFPs - June 2015
Multifunds Bulletin - Chilean Association of AFPs The Research Department of the Chilean Association of AFPs published the...
Newsletters of the Forum of Experts on retirement and pensions - BBVA Pension Institute - May, June and July 2015
The Forum of Experts comprises independent personalities of different nationalities from the academic and socio-economic...
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