February 08: year 10, N°2
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Chile promulgates new Pension law
The new legal framework creates, among other things, a Solidarity Pension System, which will benefit both men and women, who, for whatever reason, did...
FIAP attended Barclays Seminar
Held March 11th
FIAP attended Eurizon Capital Seminar
Last March 19th
El Salvador: New Executive President appointed in AFP Crecer
Last February 12, the General Shareholder s Meeting appointed Ruth Del Castillo de Solorzano as the Executive President of AFP Crecer S.A. of El Salvador,...
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Honduras: Atlántida AFP - Newsletter
AFP Atlántida, a member of FIAP, published its informative Bulletin in February, 2008, which contains several news items...
Structural changes in the Argentinean retirement system - December 2007
Pensions Observatory - BBVA
The lesson from pension reforms in America and perspectives - January 2008
Pensions Observatory - BBVA
Fiscal impact of the coexistence of public and private pensions systems: the experience of three countries in Latin America - January 2008
Pensions Observatory - BBVA
Reforms of the reforms: Moving from system to system - February 2008
Pensions Observatory - BBVA
Upcoming Events
April 2008
FIAP - ASOFONDOS Congress "Multifunds, Voluntary Pension Saving and Capital Markets" FIAP and the Colombian Association...
May 2008
Brazil OECD: Conference on Private Pensions in Latin America The days 11 and 13 of May of 2008, will take place in Sao Paulo,...
August 2008
The 10th Annual Conference of the Retirement Research Consortium will be held August 7 and 8 in Washington D.C. View agenda...