January 08 :: yr. 10, N°1
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14 years of Private Pension System in Perú: Results and Challenges
In an article written by Fernando Muñoz Nájar, Institutional Consultant to the AFP Association of Peru, member of FIAP, talked about the development of...
Chilean AFPs Increase Exposure in Emerging Latin American Economies
Pursuant to Bulletin No. 19 of the Association of AFPs, “Multifunds: Results and Trends,” as of December, 2007.
Russians visit Chile to learn about the changes to the pension system
Among the subjects of particular interest to the Russian representatives are the functioning of individually funded account management, client capturing,...
Change ABRAPP representative before FIAP
Mr. Fernando Antonio Pimentel de Melo will no longer be the ABRAPP (Brazilian Pension Funds Association) representative before FIAP, dut to the expiry...
International News
Costa Rica
El Salvador
South Africa
Honduras: Atlántida AFP - Newsletter
AFP Atlántida, a member of FIAP, published its informative Bulletin in January, 2008, which contains several news items...
Chilean AFP’s encouraged Individual Savings and today administers over 11.6 million accounts
Research Series N° 63 - Association AFP of Chile
New Life Expectancy Tables for the Disabled and Survival
Study Series No. 64 – Chilean Association of AFPs
Upcoming Events
February 2008
2nd Annual Global Forum on Pension Investment This meeting, organized by Global Pension and Investment Forum, gathers the...
March 2008
XIV Iberoamerican Social Security Congress This meeting organized by the Ibero - American Organization of Social Security...
April 2008
FIAP - ASOFONDOS Congress "Multifunds, Voluntary Pension Saving and Capital Markets" FIAP and the Colombian Association...
May 2008
FIAP Annual Meeting and Seminar The International Seminar "Pensions for the Future: Developing Individually Funded Programs",...
July 2008
Conference Announcement and Call for Papers The Sixteenth Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researches, hosted by the...