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23 September, 2021

WorldPensionSummit 2021 – 12-14 Cctober 2021 – The hague, Netherlands

In 2021, institutional investors are the new Masters of the Universe.

With trillions of dollars, euros, renminbi and yen, institutional investors have amassed the financial power that can amplify their decisions. Rather than merely being the consumers of products, this group’s energy and influence can now impact society as a whole, helping to rebuild post-Covid-19 and work towards protecting the environment.

But this is not altruism. Along with their growing financial power, these increasingly sophisticated investors have also been formulating strategies and risk management tools that better align with their own needs to provide comfortable, enjoyable, dignified retirement for their members.

There is also a growing recognition that there is more to providing this comfortable retirement than just offering a financial income. Today, institutional investors are leading their own charge, creating more relevant and resilient retirement systems that produce real-life, reliable outcomes.

Join peers from around the world to debate, discuss and design a future where institutional investors don’t just push for change, they make it happen.

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