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17 April, 2020

The Remote, or Telework Law, was passed

The law, passed on March 23, comes into effect on April 1. The initiative will encourage the creation of new jobs, and will also formalize this way of working, since thousands of people are working from home for the first time in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The main measures include: (i) Telework will be regulated by the Labor Code, so the employer will be obligated to enter into an employment contract, or an extension thereof, with those providing services outside the company; (ii) The worker will have the same rights as any other worker (collective and individual); (iii) The equipment, materials and tools that the worker needs to perform his duties will be provided by the employer; (iv) The worker may not be forced to use his or her own tools. The employer will also be liable for operating or maintenance costs; (v) The worker may divide his time in or outside the company’s premises; (vi) The worker may agree to freely distribute his working day, provided that his duties will allow it; (vii) Salaries will not be affected, since this is an agreement between the employer and the worker that does not allow the infringement of his employment rights.

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