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The President’s Remarks

It is a pleasure to present the new design of the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) Web page, which is yet another effort by its associates to inform and help to build up a pension culture.

We are aware that our members and the public at large need to be informed on the pensions system, its functioning,  its contribution to the profitability of  pension funds and the benefits it grants, all of which are crucial for members to take better decisions and consequently, achieve better pensions.

On this Web page you will find historical information on the Pension Systems of the FIAP member countries, studies on their evolution and contribution to economic development, statistics, training courses and FIAP publications.

FIAP is a meeting place for the interchange of experiences between the countries that have adopted pension systems based on private management of individually funded savings accounts, providing information and backing for the improvement of their systems.

The Associations of 11 different countries are currently part of FIAP and contribute to the improvement of the systems and the consolidation of the funded system in their respective countries.  Moreover, since 2005, FIAP has incorporated 14 mutual funds as collaborating members.  Their presence reinforces FIAP s work.

I invite you to examine the pension information this Web page contains and deepen your knowledge of pension systems based on individually funded pension savings.

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