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13 September, 2018

The Golden Age Index – PwC – June 2018

PwC published the latest edition of the Golden Age Index. One of the conclusions reached in this edition of the report is that extending the working lives of individuals to reflect population ageing could add USD 3.5 billion to the GDP of the OECD in the long term.

For example, increasing the employment rate for people over 55 to the levels of New Zealand, could generate a long-term economic boost of approximately USD 815 billion in the U.S., USD 406 billion in France and USD 123 billion in Japan. This would add up to approximately $ 3.5 billion in the OECD.

This economic boost would lead to significant social and health benefits for the elderly, who lead more active lives and have higher self-esteem when they carry on working where they wish to.

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