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11 August, 2022

The AFORES (Mexico) in July – AMAFORE – July 2022

Bernardo González, president of AMAFORE, in an interview at Formula Financiera, shared that, 25 years after its anniversary, the Retirement Savings System (SAR) has demonstrated solidity and sustainability towards the future. In addition, he shared that he wants the next 25 years of the SAR to also be very successful and this will largely depend on young people, who know that the retirement stage begins from the moment they start working and saving, meeting their Afore and the benefits it grants them. I also highlight that the future of the SAR is promising, among other factors, since from the following year there will be a larger mandatory savings, due to the reform of the system in 2020, in addition to continuing to highlight the importance of voluntary savings by the Mexican workers.

To learn more, we invite you to read the News Bulletin of the Retirement Savings System in Mexico in July, prepared by AMAFORE.

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