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15 June, 2018

The 16th FIAP International Seminar was successfully held

The International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) and the Colombian Association of Pension and Unemployment Fund Managers (ASOFONDOS), jointly organized the 16th FIAP International Seminar and the 11th FIAP – ASOFONDOS Congress, held on April 12 and 13, 2018, at the Hilton Hotel in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

On the occasion, prominent exhibitors gathered to discuss different topics of interest related to the macroeconomic situation, the present and future of demographic trends, improvements in the pension systems, the unsustainability of the PAYGO systems, the future of the Latin American economy, the future of work and social security and strategies for reducing informality, among other topics.

We recommend reviewing the presentations of the Catalonian economist Xavier Sala-i-Martin, PhD in economics from Harvard University and Professor of Economics at Columbia University. On the occasion, the renowned economist made controversial statements regarding the inefficiency of the PAYGO systems, which he said operated as Ponzi or pyramid schemes.

We also recommend reviewing the following videos:
Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel – The macroeconomic situation and results of the Multipillar Systems.
Rafael Puyol – A decalogue on demography and pensions
Claudio Sapelli – Automation and Longevity: Public policies for surviving these challenges
Ricardo Hausmann – The future of the Latin American economy


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