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21 October, 2016

Series of Compared Regulations, Figures 8.2 to 12.1

Tables 8.2 to 12.1 of the Compared Regulations Series, updated to December 2015, are available in our web site.

The following events stand out, compared to 2014:
In Mexico, adjustments have been made in the methods for computing the special reserves that should be kept by the Administrators (AFORES) for each Investment Company (SIEFORE) See Table 9.1b.
In Costa Rica, the Complementary Pension Operators (OPC, Operadoras de Pensiones Complementarias) have service call centers and send information to their affiliates by text messages to their cell phones or by electronic mails. See Table 10.1b.
In Colombia, a type of focused non-contributive pension has been introduced since 2014, which covers the risk of poverty in old age. It is called “Pensión Familiar” (Family Pension). In the Individual Savings Regime with Solidarity (RAIS, Régimen de Ahorro Individual con Solidaridad), said pension will depend on the balance jointly saved by the couple of affiliates and shall not be lower than a minimum salary (approx. USD 204). In the Average Premium System (RPM, Régimen de Prima Media), a public PAYGO system, this pension can only be the minimum salary (approx. USD 204). See Table 12.1a.

Fiap Newsletter N° 25

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