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4 April, 2016

2011 FIAP International Seminar – Dominican Republic

The International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) organized together with the Dominican Association of Pension Funds Administrators (ADAFP), the 2011 FIAP International Seminar “Advancing in the Strengthening and Consolidation of the Individually Funded Pension Systems”, on May 19th and 20th, 2011 at the Paradissus Palma Real Hotel & Resort, Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The purpose of the Seminar was to analyze different topics regarding pension funds investments and the benefits granted during the decumulation stage and to present experiences and share proposals to keep on advancing in the strengthening and consolidation of the Individually Funded Pension Systems after the global financial crisis of the last years. Additionally, it was analyzed the implicit and explicit public debt generated by the pension systems, its accounting, as well as its impact on the creation and development of the individually funded pension programs in the light of the recent facts occurred in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Seminar coincided with the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Law of the Dominican Social Security System, which created the Pension System in the Dominican Republic, and with the XV FIAP Meeting. As in previous occasions, international experts shared their experience and knowledge in relation to the different topics abovementioned. The seminar gathered participants from different parts of the world (members of FIAP and others), including governmental authorities, members of the Congress, officers of international bodies, representatives of pension funds administrators, mutual funds and insurance companies and other officials concerned with the social security sector.

In order to download the Seminar program, the registration form and the hotel reservations and transfers form, please download the attached documents or visit the following website: www.adafpfiap2011.com

In the following chart you can download the presentations made in the Seminar:

Speaker Presentation
Alejandro Ferreiro The Chilean experience with the 2008 pension reform: integration among the different pillars of the individually funded system. (Only in Spanish version)
Benedict Clements Assessing Pension Reforms and Implicit Pension Debt: The Need for Neutral Fiscal Indicators
Diego Icaza Necessary reforms in investment rules and regulations in the light of the experience acquired in the financial crisis. (Only in Spanish version)
Eduardo Fuentes Longevity Risk in Latin America.
Eduardo Walker Investment policies and information. (Only in Spanish version).
Gabor Borza Effect of treatment of debt and deficit.
Gonzalo Edwards Pension modes. (Only in Spanish version).
Héctor Valdez Albizu Impact of the Pension Funds in the Economic Growth. (Only in Spanish version).
Juan Yermo Unwinding pension reforms – An OECD perspective.
Krzysztof Pater Fiscal Debts Associated to the Pension Systems in the European Union Policy.
Luis Fernando Alarcón Pension funds and infrastructure´s development. (Only in Spanish version)
Michal Rutkowski Replacement Rates and the Adequacy of Contributions.
Rodrigo Acuña (expuso Manuel Tabilo) Performance of the pension funds in the individually funded systems. (Only in Spanish version).
Ross Jones Pension Supervisors´Responses to the Financial Crisis.
Vittorio Corbo Macro / financial effects of financial reforms.

You can download below a summary with all the presentations of this Seminar.

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Attached Files

Registration Form (PDF)


Hotel Reservations and Transfers Form (PDF)


Seminar Program


Registration Form (Excel)


Hotel Reservations and Transfers Form (Excel)


Summary of the Presentations in the 2011 FIAP Seminar

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