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Bulletin February 2023

Peru: The AFP Association presented a reform proposal for the pension system

The AFP Association (AAFP) presented at a press conference a reform proposal for a pension system to guarantee a minimum […]


China: the country advances in the implementation of a voluntary capitalization pension program

On November 25, China’s government launched a third-pillar private pension program in 36 cities to complement the country’s first-pillar state pension and […]


Germany: First purely defined contribution retirement plans established

Recently the first pure defined contribution (DC) occupational retirement plans were established in Germany, five years after the German Pension […]


Jamaica: The Pension Industry Association is negotiating with the Government to adopt a fully funded pension program with automatic enrolment

Sanya Goffe, president of the Pension Industry Association (PIAJ), explains that after 40 years of work, the most vulnerable can […]


With great success FIAP carried out the webinar “The importance of saving in pensions: the case of the new Law in the US”

On January 20, with a presentation by Fernando Larraín, director of the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM), the webinar […]


Oxford and Fide published a report on the impact of populist policies on the financing of South American pension plans

The Second International Congress on “Nationalism, populism and identities: contemporary challenges”, organized by the University of Oxford and the Fide […]


The International Organisation of Employers, which is part of the ILO, published a report on sustainable protection systems, addressing the importance of individual savings pension systems

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE), the body that represents companies in debates on social policies and employment at the […]

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