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26 May, 2016

Presentations of the XIV FIAP International Seminar – Panama

With great success took place, on May 19 and 20, 2016, in Panama, the XIV FIAP International Seminar “Opportunities and challenges in the investment of pension funds and voluntary pension savings funds“. The seminar was organized by the the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP), together with the Pension Fund Managers (AFPs) PROGRESO and PROFUTURO of Panama, the Costa Rican Association of Pension Operators (ACOP), AFP FICOHSA of Honduras and the Salvadoran Association of Pension Fund Managers (ASAFONDOS).

The purpose of this seminar was, on the one hand, to analyze the current and future challenges faced by pension funds for achieving their main objectives, i.e., adequate returns and safety in the investment of pension resources, thus contributing to the provision of good pensions for their members, and, on the other hand, to evaluate effective and innovative mechanisms that enable enhancing the development of voluntary pension savings (VPS) in Latin America. Renowned speakers from different countries presented experiences and proposals regarding alternative investments, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, the impact of demographic trends on the capital markets and pension funds, and measures that can be adopted to expand the range of financial instruments in which social security resources can be invested within the countries of the Pacific Alliance. International experts also discussed the current situation of voluntary pension savings in Latin America and the lessons that can be learned from different experiences to encourage this type of saving, stimulate collective VPS and encourage the participation of low and middle-income workers.




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