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17 August, 2023

Pensions for all: Proposals for more inclusive pension systems in Latin America – Pinbox / June 2023

One of the pending tasks in Latin America is the development of a pension system that is broadly accessible, sufficient, and financially sustainable over time. Despite the different degrees of progress in different countries, they all face similar internal and global challenges, particularly the high informality of their institutions and labor markets, which makes progress even more difficult.

The recent Covid19 pandemic scenario has highlighted the structural weaknesses of pension systems in the region, thus exacerbating several transformations that were already underway. Whereas the main internal challenges were the consolidation of the necessary economic stability and consensus between economic and social agents, a series of external global demographic, financial, labor, technological and environmental trends were observed.

All of the above requires Latin American policymakers to develop approaches aimed at innovating their respective retirement systems, in which, for example, some tools that are being developed in the regulatory, digital, and behavioral economics fields, make it increasingly evident that they can provide more overall support to public policies, helping to build a more sustainable pension systems profile.

Given this scenario, different pension experts have come together to publish the book “Pensions for all: proposals for more inclusive pension systems in Latin America,” edited by pinBoxSolutions. The book aims to propose innovative solutions from the supply and demand side for the main problems that have been limiting the possibility of building greater pension savings, particularly in the informal population segments. To this end, the analysis, diagnosis, regulatory initiatives, and innovative experiences that contribute to improving pension systems have been pooled. This will enable building a series of concrete recommendations for Latin American policymakers.

Order the free electronic version of this book here.

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