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11 August, 2022

Pension Reform: Visions, Expectations and Future – ANAFAP – July 2022

Uruguay is emerging in the discussion of a pension reform and the National Association of Pension Fund Managers (ANAFAP) has set itself the challenge of contributing with a testimonial work, which accounts for the vision that very relevant people in Uruguayan thought have regarding the work that has been carried out by the Committee of Experts on Social Security as a way of explaining and providing a space for public conversation on this issue. To do this, they trusted a journalist like Fabián Tiscornia, whose career has allowed him to reveal first-hand the opinions on different elements and make a synthesis about where there is consensus, where there are differences and what expectations the different actors have.

ANAFAP does not endorse any of the statements that appear in this work. The proposal is to understand the breadth of positions and expectations regarding the potential pension reform and make a public presentation of them. We invite you to explore these visions in this document (only the Spanish version available).

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