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7 July, 2020

Pension Markets in Focus – OECD – June 2020

According to this report, the preliminary 2019 data shows that the private pension funds totaled USD 32.3 billion in the OECD area and USD 0.7 billion in the other 29 jurisdictions reported.


The document also states that the United States had the highest amount of pension fund assets at the end of 2019 (USD 18.8 billion), followed by the United Kingdom (USD 3.6 billion), Australia (USD 1.8 billion), the Netherlands ($ 1.7 billion), Canada ($ 1.5 billion), Japan ($ 1.4 billion) and Switzerland ($ 1.0 billion).


This was due to solid real rates of return on investment during 2019, which exceeded 5% in 29 of the 46 jurisdictions studied that year, and even exceeded 10% in 13 of them (including the United States). However, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and its adverse effects on financial markets have likely reversed these gains. Early estimates suggest that pension fund assets at the end of the first quarter of 2020 may have dropped to USD 29.8 billion, 8% lower than their value at the end of 2019.

Download the full OECD report here.

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