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22 July, 2016

Pension Funds in Figures – OCDE – June 2016

This edition shows pension fund data at closure in 2015. The following data stands out:

Aggregate investments of the pension funds in OECD countries total US$ 24,800 billion, a figure slightly below the figure for 2014 (US$ 25,200 billion). However, when the funds are expressed in local currency, all of them grew in 2015, with the exception of Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland and the USA.

The reduction of the investments of the pension funds in the OECD can be explained by the low real net returns obtained in 2015, coupled with the strengthening of the US dollar against other currencies. The weighted real average net return in the OECD countries was 0.4% in 2015, falling within the range of 7.1% in the Netherlands to – 5.9% in Turkey. The real return was positive in 22 countries, but below 2% in 8 of them. Three countries had negative returns in 2015: Poland, Turkey and the USA.

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