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Corporate Purpose
According to its by-laws, the corporate purpose of the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) is to disseminate, promote, defend, publicize and otherwise facilitate the development of social security systems based on saving and individual capitalization, through pension funds managed by financial services companies: pension fund administrators.

To this end the FIAP shall bring together the Associations, Chambers or other similar institutions in those countries which have legally constituted Systems of Pension Fund Administrators, or similar, whose membership consists of institutions that take part in the management, coverage or provision of the various benefits or services proper to such Systems, and also institutions in those countries which as yet have no Associations, Chambers or other institutions similar to those listed above, but which have connections with the activities mentioned therein.

The FIAP shall carry out all such activities as will contribute to attaining the corporate purpose as stated, these to include (without being restricted to) the following:

  • To disseminate the theory

    and practice of Private Pension Fund Systems, using the most appropriate media, such as lectures, training courses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions and seminars.

  • To promote the formation

    and development of Private Pension Fund Systems, providing the technical advice that may be necessary.

  • To represent members'

    concerns in international contexts, in order to promote the private pension fund system.

  • To provide public authorities and private

    institutions with the collaboration that they need, as also foreign and international institutions.

  • To stimulate public authorities

    to issue legal provisions and regulations designed to encourage private initiative in the areas mentioned.

  • To publish publicity leaflets, circulars, magazines and books

    a web page and audiovisual material, in order to keep members informed about the activities of the Association and its members, about international events, technical progress in the area and any matters of general interest to the industry.

  • To maintain relationships with similar international institutions

    in order to exchange ideas and experiences and keep members informed about them.

  • To create organizations or committees

    whether technical or of some other type, without powers of final decision, to compile, study, systematize and produce support material, to be available to members and to the public.

  • To propagate and defend the values,

    principles and bases of private activity in the sphere of Private Pension Fund Administration.

  • To establish links

    between the persons and institutions related with the management of Private Pension Systems

  • To act

    when thus agreed by the interested parties, as representative of all the member institutions in matters of collective interest which are compatible with its statutory ends, respecting the autonomy of the members in the internal affairs of each one.

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