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24 November, 2022

Global pensión index 2022 – Mercer CFA Institute – October 2022

The Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index MCGPI is a comprehensive study of global pension systems, covering 65% of the world’s population. It compares pension systems around the world, highlighting some of their shortcomings and suggesting possible areas of reform that would allow for more adequate and sustainable retirement benefits.

Overall, Iceland had the highest value of the index (84.7), closely followed by the Netherlands (84.6) and Denmark (82.0). Thailand ranked last (41.7). The index uses the weighted average of the adequacy, sustainability, and integrity sub-indices. For each sub-index, Iceland achieved the highest value in adequacy (85.8) and sustainability (83.8), while Finland topped the list in integrity (93.3). The systems with the lowest sub-index values were India in adequacy (37.6), Austria in sustainability (22.7) and the Philippines in integrity (30.0).

Within Latin America, Uruguay and Chile achieved the highest scores, with 71.5 and 68.3 overall, respectively. Both systems scored well in integrity (79.8 for Uruguay, 78.9 for Chile), and while Uruguay led in adequacy (84.5 vs. 60.0), Chile had a higher sustainability score (70.3 vs. 50.6). Mexico was the country with the most notable improvement compared to 2021 thanks to its pension reform that gradually increased contribution rates, improving outcomes for people.

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