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31 January, 2016

Individual Pension Savings Systems manage 675.632 million US dollars

At the end of the first six-month period there were already 127,494,273 member workers in this pension savings system, which is an increase of 7.57% with respect to the accumulated amount in the same period in 2006.

Between June 2006 and June 2007, the number of member workers in the International Federation of Pension Funds, FIAP, member countries increased by 6.42%,  rising from 110,857,760 to 117,970,770 workers.

The European and Asian countries with mandatory systems show an increase of 9.97% in the number of members, amounting to 30,765,384 members in June, 2007.  In this group Kazakhstan shows the greatest increase (20.27%), followed by Bulgaria (7.88%), Poland (6.07%) and the Russian Federation (5.97%).  Furthermore, the number of members grew by 5.42% in the countries with voluntary pension systems.

Managed Funds

The pension funds managed in FIAP member countries increased by 40.53%, amounting to US$ 658,185 million.

In the Latin American countries with mandatory systems, managed funds increased by 39.42%, with Peru (70.93%), Colombia (65.99%) and the Dominican Republic (57.36%) in the lead.  Argentina (27.60%), Bolivia (20.75%), Chile (33.08%), Mexico (42.57%) and Uruguay (25.90%) show increases greater than in the previous period and Costa Rica (40.44%%), El Salvador (18.66%), Panama (4.65%) grew less than in the first six-month period.

Moreover, in the countries with voluntary systems there was a positive variation of 48.84%.  Brazil (48.86%), Honduras (21.62%) and Venezuela (8.79%) stand out in this group.

In the European and Asian countries with mandatory systems  the increase in managed funds was 56.98%, explained by the fund increases in Bulgaria (88.27%), Poland (60.81%), the Russian Federation (59.90%) and Kazakhstan (31,95%), as a result of the development of the pension market and the entry of new workers.

Finally, in the countries with voluntary systems, the managed funds increased by 22.12%.  Ukraine shows the main increase (52.56%) followed by Spain (22.11%).

Non-member countries

Countries that are not FIAP members that have adopted individually funded systems in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa, showed an increase of 24.18% in the period, rising from 7,669,067 member workers in June, 2006, to 9,523,503 in June, 2007.  The greatest increases were recorded in Nigeria (150.00%) and Macedonia (36.32%) due to the fact  that in both countries the systems have been operating for very little time: since 2005 and 2006, respectively.

As of June, 2007, the private funds managed in these countries grew by 93.83% to US$ 17,447 million.  Nigeria (992.07%) and Macedonia (375.64%) also reflected the largest increases.

To see complete version of Statistics Report N° 22, see this link.

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