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17 August, 2016

Compared Regulations Series Tables 1.1 to 3.1

Tables 1.1 to 3.1 of the Compared Regulations Series, updated to December 2015, are now available on our website. The following events stand out with respect to 2014:

1. The implementation of a mixed, integrated, individually funded system in Honduras in 2015. Under the new regulatory framework, all workers will continue to contribute 6.5% of salary to the public PAYGO system. Contribution to the individually funded system, whose funds will be managed by the AFPs, will be voluntary for those earning less than HNL 8,882.30 (approx. USD 388). Those who exceed that salary threshold must mandatorily contribute 6% on the surplus salary (up to a ceiling of three times the minimum wage). See Table 1.1.

2. The 0.5 percentage points increase in the contribution rate to the public PAYGO system in Costa Rica, from 8% to 8.5%. Workers’ contributions rose from 2.67% to 2.84%. Employers’ contributions increased from 4.92% to 5.08%, and the State’s contribution increased from 0.41% to 0.58%. See Table 2.1 and Table 2.2.

Fiap Newsletter N° 21

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