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12 September, 2015

Comparative Collection of Regulations Tables 5.2 to 12.1

Tables 5.2 to 12.1 of the Comparative Collection of Regulations as of December 2014 are now available.

The Comparative Collection of Regulations provide schematic information of the most relevant features of the regulation (such as contribution rates, investment, commissions, supervisory structure, among others) of the pension systems of those countries that have introduced individually-funded systems and that are members of FIAP.

The following tables updated to December 2014 are now available in our webpage.

Table 5.2: “Main features of the Multi-fund schemes of selected countries.”
Table 6.1: “Characteristics of the Voluntary Pension Savings Plans in selected countries.”
Table 7.1: “Characteristics of the benefits provided by the pension systems in selected countries that have mandatory individually-funded programs.”
Table 8.1: “Obligation of Self-Employed Workers to Enroll in the Individually-Funded Program .”
Table 8.2: “Taxable base income and mechanism of payment/collection of the contributions of self-employed workers.”
Table 9.1: “Capital and reserve requirements in the Individually-Funded Systems.”
Table 10.1: “Information, education, advice and attention provided to member.”
Table 11.1: “Rights and liabilities of the Pension Fund Managers in the companies in which they invest the pension funds.”
Table 12.1: “Benefits granted and management of the non-contributory pension programs in Latin America.”

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