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Colombia: Pension Funds launch new phase of its financial education campaign

9 September, 2013

Source: www.asofondos.org.co

Pension Funds, through the Colombian Association of Pension Fund Administrators and Unemployment (ASOFONDOS), launched a new phase of its financial education campaign “Only in the Pension Funds”, designed to deepen the financial knowledge on most relevant aspects of the Individual Savings Scheme with Solidarity (RAIS) and all the topics that workers should know (those members of the system or those that want to enroll to it).

This new campaign is part of the original strategy “Only in the Pension Funds”, which like this new one, it seeks to promote interest in pension matters, fostering a culture of savings and a closer link between the saver and his pension, in order to increase the knowledge about the options, benefits and differences.

The digital campaign is aimed at all ages, but especially to the segment of young workers who do not know the options they have in their hands and that now will allow them to build a future pension.This new module of the campaign is based on the same axes that developed the original campaign: Multifunds , Guaranteed Minimum Pension, Individual Account, Life Annuity, Heritage, Performance and Severance

These and other questions are developed through the new portal (see here) and on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube .

At the bottom of this page you can download the official press release on the subject, issued by ASOFONDOS (only in Spanish).

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