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FIAP > Bulletins N° 84: October


In Ukraine, FIAP’s President highlights contributions to the improvement of pensions and the economic development of the individually-funded programs

FIAP’s President, Guillermo Arthur, traveled to Ukraine to participate as a speaker in the KIEV INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC FORUM 2016, which […]


FIAP Pensions Note: Chilean experience demonstrates the need to create a Technical Body for updating the Parameters of the Pension System

The Chilean pension system is currently providing pensions that do not meet people’s expectations. The increase in life expectancy and […]


FIAP offers to put its technical expertise at the disposal of the next Commission for the Reform of the Peruvian Pension System

In mid-August 2016, the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) issued a Statement, indicating that it is aware that […]


FIAP comments on Andrés Velasco’s column regarding the challenges facing the Chilean pension system

In mid-September 2016, FIAP submitted its comments on a column written by the Economist, Mr. Andrés Velasco, in the international […]

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