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22 February, 2023

Annual Statistical Report No. 3-2021 – February 2023

The number of workers members of the private pension system belonging to FIAP countries in Latin America increased by 1.74% between December 2021 and June 2022, and the number of contributors remained relatively stable (-0.9%).

Meanwhile, the coverage of contributors in FIAP countries (contributors against EAP) has increased slowly since 2010, reaching 34% in 2021, while members’ coverage (members against EAP) reached 95% in 2021 after a slight drop of 3 percentage points compared to 2020.

Pension funds per member and contributor in the region reached USD 4,830 and USD 13,650 respectively as of June 2022.

Regarding the investment portfolio as of December 2021:

  • The countries with the highest proportion of investment in government securities are El Salvador (79.62%), the Dominican Republic (78.23%) and Costa Rica (55.85%).


  • In terms of investment in corporate sector instruments, the leading countries are Peru (27.28%), Uruguay (22.78%) and Mexico (18.48%).


  • The countries with the highest percentage of investment in financial sector instruments are Chile (14.64%), Peru (13.17%) and Colombia (10.5%).


  • Moreover, the highest percentage of foreign investment is made in Chile (55.28%), Colombia (48.7%) and Peru (43.36%).

You can download the report here.

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