Julio 08: year 10, N°5
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First Pillar Increases the Pensions of Chileans
Source: FIAP The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, made a positive assessment of the first days of the implementation of the Pension Reform that...
Euro migration to multi-pillar system
Source: Elizabeth Pfeuti, Global Pensions- Europe Date: June 2008 Western European mandatory pension systems look set to follow the multi-pillar arrangements...
Private Pension Funds Worldwide Administrator US$ 740 thousand million
The number of workers enrolled in the individually funded private pension system in FIAP member countries exceeded 120 million.
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Chile: Association of AFPs Information Files
The Pension Reform has taken off and thanks to this new system, a large group of people will be able to improve their current...
Peter Davy explains why the Spanish pensions landscape is a story of two halves
Author: Peter DavyFuente: European Pensions MagazineWhen it comes to pensions, Spain is full of contradictions. On the one...
"Pensions Observatory"
We present a new number of Pensions Observatory , which is a regular document of the Pension Systems Analysis Unit of the...
Presentation by the Chairman of CONSAR
A simpler and more transparent retirement savings system: January 2007 June 2008. Presentation by the Chairman of CONSAR,...
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August 2008
The 10th Annual Conference of the Retirement Research Consortium will be held August 7 and 8 in Washington D.C. View agenda...
September 2008
Conferene Fund Forum Latin America We are delighted to inform you that Allianz Global Investors are sponsoring the first...