July 07 :: yr. 9, N°7
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China: The Pensions Challenge
While the Chinese government has taken steps to address China's looming pension crisis, Stuart Leckie and Ning Pan (Chairman and Senior Consultant...
Peru: Host Venue of next FIAP 2008 Assembly and Seminar
The city of Lima, Peru was choosen as the host venue of the next FIAP Assembly and Seminar. The confirmed dates are May 27, 28 and 29, 2008 at the Swiss...
FIAP participated in the Symposium and Experts' working group "Futures studies, future scenarios and their impact on Chile"
Organized by the Extension Center of the Catholic University of Chile.
Law N° 20.210: Increase in the foreign investment margins favors workers
The Chilean Association of AFPs considers the new Law No. 20,210, which increases the amount that Fund Managers can destine...
International News
Slovak Republic
United States
UAFJP N°8 Sectoral Report
The AFJP Union makes available the eighth edition of the Sectoral Report of the Union of Pension and Retirement Fund Managers...
ComunicAFP: The Ten Axes of Pension Reform
By the Chilean AFPs Association corresponding to July 2007.
Upcoming Events
YEAR 2007
SEPTEMBER The 4th Contractual Savings Conference: Supervisory and Regulatory Issues in Private Pensions and Life Insurance"...
YEAR 2008
FEBRUARY 2nd Annual Global Forum on Pension Investment This meeting, organized by Global Pension and Investment Forum, gathers...